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Focusheer TL


Diode laser for hair removal with a three-wave pulse.


2 years warranty
Monthly maintenance
Free education



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FOCUSHEER TL is an absolute world novelty in the field of laser hair removal.

COLLIMATED (focused) laser beam – there is no energy loss at the periphery of the laser beam.

For the first time in the world, the handpiece does not have a sapphire waveguide – a special collimation system focuses the laser beam for maximum effective propagation in the skin. The laser beam continues its direction in the skin – without scattering, reducing power and additional damage to the surrounding tissues.

The unique resource of the diode unit – after 100,000,000 (one hundred million) pulses – the handpiece effectively works with a decrease in efficiency of only 4%.

The device has a revolutionary futuristic design – an additional element of strengthening the brand / image of the clinic.

The world’s largest touch screen for device control – never before has parameter control been so accessible and effective.

The revolutionary high-performance laser system is designed to quickly, efficiently and painlessly remove unwanted hair from any skin type (Fitzpatrick I-VI). The laser emitter generates a pulse with wavelengths of 755nm / 808nm / 1064nm, which provides the maximum effect for any hair color and any follicle depth.

The device can be used for classic laser hair removal, fast and painless hair removal InMotion, classic hair removal with pulse power division.



– InMotion – painless working mode in motion for processing large areas,

– classic – for treating small areas or very sensitive areas,

– laser rejuvenation – NIR (Near Infra Red) rejuvenation – elimination of age-related skin changes, tightening, lightening.