Touch Light | Skin Pigmentation Removal Lasers
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Skin Pigmentation Removal Lasers

Skin Pigmentation Removal Lasers

Skin extra pigmentation occurs due to melanocyte cells that produce a dark-colored pigment, melanin. The result of exposure to various factors in different areas of the skin is the melanin begins to be produced with excess that leads to the formation of pigmentation. In some cases, pigment spots are in closed places and do not interfere with the person at all, but appearing on the face, neck, hands, etc. they may not always look aesthetically pleasing.

Special lasers for skin pigmentation removal help to get rid of unwanted pigment spots – a diode laser device that you can buy at your Touch Light salon or clinic. We offer only innovative diode laser apparatus for hair removal and other cosmetology equipment, which was created using innovative technologies that guarantee high efficiency. With one tool at once you can start offering several additional services in your salon, since the device allows you to remove age spots, hair in different areas of the body, smooth wrinkles, rejuvenate the skin and heal blood vessels.


Diode-type lasers have a wavelength from 800 to 810 Nm. These indicators are the golden mean for the qualitative removal of pigment from the cell – melanin. The technology itself is based on the selective dynamics of heat and light. During the procedure, the laser begins to penetrate the surface of the skin to the hair follicle, instantly heating and destroying the melanin. At this time, the hair is destroyed, so you can buy a diode laser for depilation services too. Due to the fact that the energy is supplied evenly, it does not contribute to the appearance of burns on the body. The tip of the diode laser has a temperature of -12 ° C, so, despite the heating, the skin has time to cool.

Key Benefits of Laser Pigmentation Removal Method.

The procedure takes place without the slightest pain – no need for an anesthetic.

Absolutely no side effects.

Quickly – just a few short procedures and you can again boast of your complexion.

The pigment is removed completely and permanently.

Getting an infection is merely impossible.

The price of a diode laser is in an affordable price range.


IPL technology – pigment stains have no chance!

In our catalog you will find laser devices with IPL technology, which involves the use of high-intensity pulsed light. Such an approach allows to exclude any minimal side effects that are natural for traditional procedures. During the work, the light rays are absorbed by melanin, which are contained in the epidermis and hair, produce heat and destroy cells that contain a large amount of melanin. The technology is also actively used to treat various skin diseases, because of high intensity pulsed light can be perfectly absorbed not only by melanin, but also by hemoglobin. IPL therapy on the face and other parts of the face has long been proven effective, and is therefore used by many beauty salons and clinics.

If you want to buy a diode laser for hair removal equipped exclusively with innovative technologies in Ukraine, that’s up to you. The Touch Light company offers equipment of its own production, which is made exclusively from high-quality component parts from Germany and Japan. The assembly is carried out in Korea, which indicates the quality of the proposed product. The level of efficiency, reliability and safety is confirmed by international quality certificates, which we will provide if necessary. If you have any difficulties during the selection, an experienced manager-consultant is always ready to help you.