Touch Light | Neodymium Laser in Cosmetology
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Neodymium Laser in Cosmetology

Neodymium Laser in Cosmetology

The modern world is hard to imagine without laser technology. And even more difficult to imagine it without laser cosmetology – the main direction in the beauty industry and aesthetic medicine in recent years.

The first lasers appeared more than 50 years ago. Over time, their production technology has evolved, introducing the world first to an alexandrite laser, then a diode laser, and finally, the latest of the developments is a neodymium laser.

What Procedures Are Suitable for A Neodymium Laser

Each of the laser technologies has its own characteristics. In the case of a neodymium laser, the specifics of its operation include:

Nanosecond exposure to the skin. The laser generates pulses at intervals of 0.3 to 0.8 ns. Such an indicator is many times lower than that of diode lasers. And an ultra-short exposure time is a guarantee of a safe effect on human skin.

The wavelength of a neodymium laser is 1064 nm and in its effect, the laser pulse of a neodymium laser can penetrate under the skin to a record depth of up to 6 mm.

These indicators make the ND YAG laser suitable for the following procedures:

Removal of tattoos of any size, colour scheme and age.

Carrying out carbon peeling.

Skin lifting.

Removal of hyperpigmentation.

The Principle of The Neodymium Laser for Tattoo Removal

Due to the deep penetration into the skin layers, neodymium laser pulses are absorbed by oxyhaemoglobin and deoxyhaemoglobin. And due to the fact, that further the pulse is also absorbed by collagen and melanin, a parallel skin tightening occurs.

When working with a laser, two main nozzles are used to remove the tattoo: one with a green filter makes it possible to generate a wavelength of 532 nm. These pulses split the pigments of red and warm colors. The second nozzle generates a beam with a length of 1064 nm in the infrared range, which easily splits the dark and cold colors of the pigments.

As a result, all the pigment particles of the tattoo are split, after which they are naturally excreted through the lymphatic system.

The carbon peeling laser easily exfoliates dead skin particles, and due to the ultra-short pulse interval, it does not damage the skin and is suitable for all skin color types.

If you want to get a high-quality device for carbon peeling and tattoo removal with neodymium laser technology, Touch Light will help you equip your cosmetology cabinet or clinic with the best laser devices.

We manufacture and supply certified cosmetology equipment from South Korea. Our lasers are highly accurate, safe and easy to use.

In addition, it is beneficial to cooperate with us, because of the laser equipment we offer our customers convenient additional options:

Training personnel to work with the laser for free: we don’t provide instructions only, but also conduct practical exercises with cosmetologists on how to work with lasers and their exposure modes.

Free delivery anywhere in Ukraine: you will receive your equipment quickly and without unnecessary logistics costs.

Warranty service of devices purchased from us for two years: we give a full guarantee and, if necessary, carry out the full range of service work.

Choose reliable and high-quality laser equipment from Touch Light for yourself and your customers! With a neodymium laser, you can carry out several procedures at once, which means – expand your client base and strengthen your image among Ukrainian cosmetologists.