Touch light's workshop on laser technologies
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Touch light’s workshop on laser technologies

Touch light’s workshop on laser technologies

We are preparing carefully for the next event. After all, on November 2, the first workshop from the TOUCH LIGHT company will be held, where we will look at modern methods of epilation and differences in methods of epilation with a diode laser and IPL system, and also tell you about hardware techniques for skin rejuvenation. After the theoretical part of the seminar participants will join our master classes working on our top-devices.

For epilation with a diode laser, we use DIOD 808NM VERTICAL. For epilation with an IPL system and photo rejuvenation, we use two devices: a portable IPL HAIR REMOVAL and a stationary ICE SHR HAIR REMOVAL with a peak power of 3500 W IPL. For RF – lifting, the MICRO-NEEDLE RF – RF energy is delivered to the skin to a depth of 0.5 mm to 3 mm and forms microthermocoagulation points, for HIFU-SMAS lifting HIFU SMAS LIFTING SYSTEM high-frequency ultrasound penetrates the skin to 4.5 mm (SMAS layer) forms points of microthermocoagulation, as a result of which the number of wrinkles is reduced, skin sagging decreases, and deformity of the face after injection techniques is corrected. We use 980NM DIODE LASER to treat the vascular network and remove papilloma.

All on-goers will receive a discount on all devices in the amount of 7% by the end of 2018.

The main advantage of all our devices are the main components that are manufactured in Europe and the USA. We care about the quality of our devices and provide them with a mandatory guarantee of 2 years and service insurance during this time. When you buy Touch Light equipment, you also receive technical training on how to use the device. You will be shown all the functionality and settings, will be introduced to safety techniques when working with equipment. After graduation, you will receive the knowledge and skills necessary to start work.