A workshop from the Touch Light - How it was
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A workshop from the touch Light – How it was

A workshop from the touch Light – How it was

Reminding you that on November 2, we had a seminar on modern methods of epilation and differences in methods of epilation with a diode laser and IPL system, we also shared our experience on hardware techniques for skin rejuvenation and conducted a master class on our devices.

Venue: Conference Center President Hotel.

40 people were invited to the seminar, mostly owners of beauty salons and specialists in the field of hardware cosmetology.

We considered DIOD 808NM VERTICAL for laser hair removal, and for epilation with an IPL system and photo rejuvenation, we used two devices: a portable IPL HAIR REMOVAL and a stationary ICE SHR HAIR REMOVAL with a high power of 3500 W. Were also considered MICRO-NEEDLE RF – RF whose energy is delivered to the skin to a depth of 0.5 mm to 3 mm and forms microthermocoagulation points!

HIFU-SMAS lifting was not forgotten! HIFU SMAS LIFTING SYSTEM is a high-frequency ultrasound that penetrates the skin up to 4.5 mm (SMAS layer) and forms microthermocoagulation points, as a result of which wrinkles are reduced, skin sagging is reduced, and facial deformity after injection techniques is corrected. 980NM DIODE LASER was introduced for the treatment of vascular mesh and papilloma removal.

Also, we conducted a master class demonstrating all the devices working on specially invited models and guests who volunteered themselves, with the goal of interest. After the workshop and master class, our guests were invited to a buffet table, where they tasted delicious dishes, champagne and got acquainted with the speakers and each other. All participants received a discount on all devices in the amount of 7% until the end of 2018, and of course the prize certificates from the TOUCH LIGHT company allowing free seminar on laser technology admission. All video and photo materials from the seminar will be found in our social networks.