LPG by European standards | Vinci | Touch light
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Vinci LPG


Now in Ukraine Exclusive LipoRadioLogie® Vinci Distributors:

  • More than 14,000 devices throughout Europe;
  • International standardization and certification;
  • The best devices at affordable prices for the Ukrainian market.
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LPG Machine

The device is intended for:

  • increase body elasticity
  • improving the quality and density of the skin
  • smoothing skin tone
  • face contour modeling
  • wrinkle reduction.


The LipoRadioLogie® VINCI™ procedure consists in sucking in the skin fold, mechanical massage with profiled rolls, exposure to green light 525 nm and/or yellow light 590 nm, radio wave and vibration, all at the same time. The procedure is very pleasant for the client, during which he/she can relax and unwind. All technologies combined in the treatment system along with use of TouchLight Oil ensure perfect effects.

Combination of several technologies in the heads ensures better oxygenation, nutrition and blood supply of the skin. Also, the dedicated body lotion has a positive effect on the skin – TouchLight Oil. The body lotion contains, among other, peach seed oil, avocado oil, orange oil and vitamin E as ingredients.

Green light 525 nm present in the heads participates in improvement of the skin colouration and reduction of chloasmata.

Yellow light 590 nm diminishes diastemata, minimises signs of skin aging and reduces vascular changes with its activity.

Head vibration and other applied technologies speed up and facilitate penetration of active ingredients that the dedicated body lotion – TouchLight Oil – contains to the deeper layers of the skin.

Thanks to use of vibrations in the heads, the time of one procedure is significantly reduced. Time of the treatment without vibrations, in order to obtain a similar effect in this scope of action is extended by ca. 25%.

Main post-treatment effects using LipoRadioLogie® VINCI™ that can be observed by the clients are the following:

  • increase of elasticity, improvement of the quality and concentration of the skin, firming of the skin and improvement of the skin colouration
  • improvement of the face oval
  • reduction of wrinkles.


Impact of the LipoRadioLogie® VINCI™ technology during the treatment causes:


  • activity stimulating the blood vessels and increasing their strain,
  • improvement of absorption of nutrients from the TouchLight Oil,
  • acceleration of the excretion of metabolic products,
  • acceleration of metabolism,
  • stimulation of the glandular excretion activities,
  • participation in the increase of muscle tissue and its elasticity,
  • delicate vibration which is soothing for the muscles, reducing the muscle tone,
  • intense vibration, which stimulates the nervous system and increases the muscle tone,
  • improvement of firmness and elasticity of skin,
  • stimulation of blood circulation,
  • improvement of oxygenation and nutrition of cells and tissues,
  • improvement of the skin colouration,
  • brightens the chloasmata,
  • reduction of vascular changes,
  • reduction of diastemata,
  • minimization of signs of skin aging,
  • lifting,
  • reduction of fatty tissue.



LipoRadioLogie™ VINCI II has a very extensive system allowing several technologies to work simultaneously:

  • setting the procedure area in vibrating motion,
  • exposure to green light 525 nm,
  • exposure to yellow light 590 nm,
  • suction of the skin fold with vacuum using TouchLight Oil,
  • transferring radio wave impulses through the skin folds,
  • mechanical massage using profiled rolls,
  • cooling the procedure area to shape the body.



BI-Polar RF Power100W 1MHz
Power RF0.5-50 J/см3
Vacuum20 CUM/H
LED525 nm green light, 590 nm yellow light
ScreenHigh quality LCD touchscreen 8,4″
Weight50 kg
Розміри680 X 600 X 1200 MM