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A device for body shaping and lifting, which affect the reduction of body fat, the removal of cellulite and the restoration of collagen fibers.

2 years warranty

Monthly maintenance

Free education

Exclusive Distributor of LipoRadioLogie® Vinci in Ukraine

More than 14,000 devices throughout Europe;

International standardization and certification;

The best devices at reasonable prices for the Ukrainian market.

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  • Non-invasive method to combat cellulite, skin laxity and fatty deposits.


  • The LestheZone® Group presents a device that combines advanced technology for body shaping and lifting.


  • LipoRadioLogie® VINCI ™ II is a combination of effective beauty treatments that can help reduce body fat, remove cellulite and restore collagen fibers.


  • LipoRadioLogie ™ VINCI II has a very advanced system that allows the simultaneous use of several technologies: vibration exposure to the treatment area, exposure to green light 525 nm, exposure to yellow light 590 nm, vacuum retraction of the skin fold using LipoRadioLogie® Oil, exposure to radio waves on the retracted skin fold, mechanical massage with profiled rollers, cooling of the treatment area for body shaping.


  • LipoRadioLogie® VINCI ™ II has as many as 5 different treatment heads, thanks to which we can perfectly affect all parts of the body, as well as the face, neck and décolleté: 1 head for the face, neck, décolleté and eyes, designed for tightening procedures, thickening of the connective tissue and improving the oval of the face, 2 body heads for tightening, thickening the connective tissue and improving the body contour, 1 head for cooling the treatment area for very effective body shaping, 1 head for pulsed application of high-frequency radio waves.


  • This cosmetic procedure stimulates blood circulation and, as a result, accelerates cell metabolism and leads to improved oxygenation and nutrition of cells and tissues.


  • The LipoRadioLogie® VINCI ™ procedure consists of: simultaneous retraction of the skin fold, mechanical massage with profiled rollers, exposure to green 525 nm and / or yellow light 590 nm, radio waves and vibration. The procedure is very pleasant for the client, during which he can relax and unwind. All technologies combined in the LipoRadioLogie® Oil Treatment System deliver superior post-treatment results.


  • The combination of several technologies in the heads helps to improve oxygenation, nutrition and blood supply to the skin. The special oil – LipoRadioLogie® Oil also has a positive effect on the skin. The oil contains, among others, peach seed oil, avocado oil, orange oil and vitamin E.


  • Thanks to the use of vibrations in the heads, the time of one session is significantly reduced. The procedure time without vibration, in order to obtain a similar effect during similar procedures, is increased by about 25%. The main effects observed by clients after LipoRadioLogie® VINCI ™ treatment are: firming, improving the quality and density of the skin, firming, improving skin tone, improving facial contours, reducing wrinkles.


  • Influence of LipoRadioLogie® VINCI ™ technology during the procedure: stimulates blood vessels and increases their tension, improves the absorption of nutrients from LipoRadioLogie® Oil, accelerates the excretion of metabolic products, speeds up metabolism, stimulates the secretory function of the glands, helps to increase muscle tissue volume and increase it elasticity, gentle vibration has a calming effect on muscles, reduces muscle tension, intense vibration stimulates the nervous system and increases muscle tone, improves skin firmness and elasticity, stimulates blood circulation, improves oxygenation, nutrition of cells and tissues, improves skin tone, lightens age spots, reduces vascular lesions, reduces stretch marks, minimizes signs of skin aging, tightens the face, reduces the volume of adipose tissue.



BI-Polar RF Power100W 1MHz
Power RF0.5-50 J/см3
Vacuum20 CUM/H
LED525 nm green light, 590 nm yellow light
ScreenHigh quality LCD touchscreen 8,4″
Weight50 kg
Розміри680 X 600 X 1200 MM