Mask for LED-therapy: professional skin care
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Mask for LED-therapy: professional skin care

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The mask for LED-therapy will provide professional skin care with phototherapy.

Therapeutic effect is achieved by exposure to light waves of a different spectrum. Phototherapy is a non-invasive face and body care method that uses narrow-band, non-thermal light energy to activate the processes of natural cellular renewal and skin repair.

It can be used both in professional and in home care.



Depending on the wavelength, light of different colors can penetrate up to 30 mm into the skin, having the following effects:

Red (628-780 nm): one of the most powerful. Optimal treatment for mature skin that needs stimulation. Marked improvements in metabolism and blood circulation. Increases the level of natural hydration and helps retain moisture in the skin, and also has a calming effect, reducing redness and inflammation. The skin becomes smoother, smoother and smoother with a healthy glow.

Green (496-566 nm): has a calming, harmonizing effect, restores skin balance. Ideal for irritated, sensitive and erythema prone skin. Prevention of allergies for desensitization. Increases skin immunity and metabolism. Can be used after damaging procedures. Ideal for skin with vascular changes (couperose).

Blue (421-495 nm): has anti-inflammatory, soothing and healing properties. Perfect for problem, inflamed and irritated skin. Blue light has very powerful antibacterial properties for treating acne and problem skin without irritation. Exposure to blue light is a particularly effective treatment for acne, as it fights the propionic bacterium acne. Blue light provides all the antibacterial benefits associated with sunlight, but without harmful and destructive ultraviolet rays.

Yellow (567-589 nm): stimulates lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. It is used in the care of oily, combination, large-pore, susceptible skin. It has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-fungal effects. Improves complexion and nourishes the skin with oxygen. Ideal for skin with puffiness, and also suitable for skin with the presence of edema and dark circles of the orbital zone. Applied with lymphatic stagnation and tissue hypoxia, has anti-stress effect on the skin.

Blue (470 nm): used in the care of hypersensitive, dry skin. Softens, moisturizes, soothes, slows down premature aging, providing a therapeutic effect. Influences fading, very dehydrated skin. Provides long-term preservation of moisture in the skin, stimulates collagen synthesis. Ideal for skin prone to flaking. It is also used as a relaxing.

White (510-810 nm): Anti-stress and enhanced effect. White light has a powerful detoxification effect, is safe when working with clients with thyroid malfunction, and is also useful during any cosmetic procedure, because it improves the effect of the procedure and produces a positive result. It also has a calming and tonic effect. Good guide.

Violet (380-420 nm): produces an antipyretic effect, removes toxins, has a relaxing effect, reduces the likelihood of scar formation. Possesses astringent action, restores turgor and tone. Recommended for dull aging skin with enlarged pores and inflammatory elements.



LED quantity – 150

Power supply AC 110V-220V 50Hz-60Hz

Power 32W