Cryolipolysis TL | Touch Light | Two years Warranty
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Сryolipolysis TL


Cryolipolysis apparatus


2 years warranty

Monthly maintenance

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  • Cryolipolysis apparatus


  • It is used to get rid of excess fat deposits, to form beautiful body contours, to treat cellulite using the method of strictly controlled and localized cooling of the treated surface.


  • In one procedure, fat cells (adipocytes) are reduced by 20-40%, while the appearance of the skin improves


  • The device for cryolipolysis works according to the following principle: a professional vacuum nozzle draws in a certain area of ​​the fat layer and cools the selected area in a metered dose. Thanks to this effect, the body starts the natural process of local death (apoptosis) of fat cells. The procedure is painless and does not require a rehabilitation period. The use of cryolipolysis completely eliminates cold damage to the skin, nervous, vascular and muscle tissue, is comfortable to carry and does not require additional anesthesia, corrective underwear and additional procedures.


  • The complete set of the device consists of 2 nozzles 18.5 × 8.0×6.0 and 13.0 × 7.0×6.0 centimeters.


  • Application: elimination of excess body volume, including in the area of ​​hips, waist, legs, abdomen, back and arms, elimination of cellulite, body shaping, improvement of skin appearance, improvement of metabolism, elimination of toxins


  • 360 ° silicone coating of the cups will provide treatment without unpleasant cold sensations and the effect of “icing” of the skin after the procedure.


  • Dual cooling fins for efficient cooling.


  • Two handpieces can work simultaneously


Power consumption1000 Вт
Is it permissible to use external current stabilizersNo
Time of continuous work from switching on to a break18 hours
Required break from work2 hours
Indoor temperature range45 degrees
VacuumVariable, pulsating
Ultrasound frequency38-42 kHz
LED light (lipolaser) 650 nm
Cooling from
RF frequency 48 * 40 * 104cm
Cooling temperature of cryolipolysis handlesup to +11 degrees
The size of the large cryolipolysis handpiece 10 MHz
Controls LCD touch screen
Dimensions with packaging70cm * 80cm * 120cm
Net weight53 kg
Gross weight65 kg