ICE LIGHT + RF - Touch Light
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Apparatus for phototherapy, RF-lifting, treatment and removal of blood vessels, non-surgical tightening, rejuvenation and hair removal of any thickness and color

2 years warranty
Monthly maintenance
Free education

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Effective hair removal using the latest technologies for phototherapy, RF lifting, vascular treatment and removal, non-surgical tightening, rejuvenation and hair removal.

Due to the numerous pulses on the surface, a high total energy is generated in the dermis. Hair growth cells are heated to a clinically necessary temperature to destroy them. In this way, hair of any thickness and pigmentation can be successfully removed.

  • German lamp Heraeus


  • Japanese capacitor with a capacity of 12000 uF


  • Japanese screen


  • Two-year warranty


  • ICE SHR sopt size: 40mm * 25mm & 15mm * 15mm


  • ICE SSR sopt size: 25mm * 25mm


  • 40mm * 25mm ICE SHR attachment for large areas of hair


  • 15mm * 15mm ICE SHR attachment for small areas of hair


  • Processing head


  • 3 handles of different sizes for different areas




  • A detailed manual for the device which allows even a beginner to understand how to operate the device easily.


  •  Free training for 2 specialists in operating the device. You will be told and shown how to carry out procedures properly.


  • 2 year warranty for the diode laser for hair removal; service and post-warranty repair are provided in our certified service center.


  • Possibility to check, test and compare the device with other ones in our showroom in Kiev.


Spot size25*40 mm² (755-815nm for SHR)
25*25 mm² (570-950nm for SSR)
Energy1-26J/ cm²(lCE SHR)
1-26J/ cm²(lCE SSR)
Max 50W (Thermage)
IPL peaking power3500W
SHR/SSR frequency1-10Hz
Thermage probeStandard with 3 probe (12*12, 8*8, 6*6) needle
Working PeriodContinuously stand-by working for 24 hours
Cooling systemAir cooling & Water cooling & Semi-conductor cooling & Cooling head
Thermage Frequency100MHZ
Pulse width100-1000 ms
Electrical Requirements100/110V, 50~60HZ or 220~260V, 50~60HZ