HIFU Touch - Touch Light
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HIFU Touch


Vertical HIFU for skin rejuvenation HIFU LIGHT.


• Restoring the clarity of the facial contours (elimination of gravitational ptosis)

• Elimination of nasolabial folds, “second” chin, overhanging cheeks and corners of lips

• Raising the eyebrows and lifting the upper eyelid

• Elimination of flabbiness and sagging of the skin in the neck area

• Narrowing of enlarged pores

• Prevention of age-related changes in the skin of the face of the neck and décolleté

• Reduction and tightening of body contours

• Elimination of skin laxity

Product Enquiry

Machine  for non-invasive skin tightening, by applying focused high-intensity ultrasound (from the English HIFU – High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) on SMAS layers (superficial muscular aponeurotic system)

The device generates ultrasonic energy, which causes point heating of tissues at different depths. There is a reduction in protein structures (collagen, elastin), which provides an immediate tightening of soft tissues. The impact of ultrasound energy leads to the activation of natural regenerative processes, in particular, the synthesis of new collagen and elastin fibers, which provides an increase in effect over several months.

Safe exposure parameters for each zone are programmed in the device. In addition to this, the device provides complete control over the course of the procedure, allowing specialists to visually monitor the effects on target structures at various depths of the skin on the screen. At the same time, handles designed for different depths of ultrasound penetration allow solving problems in any zone:

1.5 mm sensor

Designed to work in the forehead, around the eyes. It allows reducing the age-related descent of eyebrows and outer corners of the eyes, eliminating wrinkles in the periorbital and perioral areas, and also allows to level the asymmetry of the upper face, eliminate enlarged pores and uneven skin surface, reduced turgor and skin elasticity, “excess” skin, flabbiness. Suitable for clients with thin skin.

Sensor 3.0 mm

Designed to work with the dermis on any part of the body and address such age-related changes as deep wrinkles, uneven skin surface, reduced turgor and elasticity, flabbiness.

4.5 mm sensor

Designed to work directly with the SMAS-skin layer. It helps to eliminate such age-related changes as gravitational ptosis of the face, neck, decollete, smooth nasolabial folds, lift the corners of the mouth, get rid of the “second” chin, and return the clarity of the face oval.

Sensor 8.0mm and 13mm

For work on the body, providing the capabilities of the device in body shaping and improving the quality of the skin of the body. Moreover, it is equally demanded and in cases when it is necessary to remove excess volume, and when it is necessary to eliminate the flabbiness of the skin and restore its elasticity.



  • Replaceable Ultrasonic Heads, which are equipped with the device, generate radiation of different frequencies with different penetrating ability of ultrasound.
  • Availability of 8mm and 13mm sensors for body work, which greatly expands the range of services for your clinic
  • Availability of an ultrasound scanner for simultaneous diagnostics and control of the procedure with the removal of all the information on a large touch screen.
  • The possibility of production from 1 to 11 lines, which significantly saves time for processing the zone
  • Components of European manufacturers


Electricity110/220V, 50/60HZ
Number of probeDS-1.5
Length5.0-25mm (1.0/step)
Packed size75x59x117cm
Packed weight49kg