Hifu Smart Touch | Two years warranty
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Compact device for ultrasonic SMAS face and body lifting

2 years warranty

Monthly maintenance

Free education

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HIFU Smart Touch

  • Compact device for non-invasive skin tightening, by applying high intensity focused ultrasound (from English HIFU – High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) to SMAS layers (superficial muscular aponeurotic system)


  • High intensity focused ultrasound energy causes point heating of tissues at various depths. There is a reduction in protein structures (collagen, elastin), which provides an immediate tightening of soft tissues. The impact of ultrasound energy leads to the activation of natural regenerative processes, in particular, the synthesis of new collagen and elastin fibers, which provides an increase in the effect over several months.


  • The device with a small weight and fairly modest size, which allows you to install it on the table, cosmetic trolley, a small bedside table. The device operates under the control of a computer system, which allows you to flexibly adjust the modes of exposure – changes the length of the HIFU line of exposure, the number of pulses and their intensity.


  • It has an ultrasound scanner, thanks to which it is possible to control the area and depth of the target layers, which ensures the most effective and safe exposure.


  • It has an ultrasound scanner, thanks to which it is possible to control the area and depth of the target layers, which ensures the most effective and safe exposure.


  • Restoration of oval face clarity (elimination of gravitational ptosis)
  • Elimination of nasolabial folds, “second” chin, overhanging cheeks and corners of lips
  • Raising the eyebrows and lifting the upper eyelid
  • Elimination of flabbiness and sagging of the skin in the neck
  • Narrowing of enlarged pores
  • Prevention of age-related changes in the skin of the face of the neck and decollete
  • Reduction and tightening of body contours
  • Elimination of skin laxity

Also, due to the 8.0 and 13.0 mm sensors, it can be used to reduce the appearance of cellulite, reduce body fat and tighten the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, inner surface of the hands. It is an alternative to surgical tightening.



  • Replaceable ultrasound heads, which are equipped with the device, generate radiation of different frequencies with different penetrating power of ultrasound.
  • Availability of 8mm and 13mm sensors for body work, which significantly expands the range of services for your clinic.
  • The possibility of production from 1 to 11 lines, which significantly saves time for processing the zone.


Power consumption500 W
Is it permissible to use external current stabilizersNo
Time of continuous work from switching on to break2 hours
Required break from work30 minutes
Indoor temperature rangeup to 40 degrees
ControlsLCD touch screen
Gauges1.5 * 3.0 * 4.5 Body 6.1 / 2 * 9.0 * 13.0
Line length 30 mm with 5.0 / step
Resource of sensors10000 lines
EnergyFocused Ultrasound
Dimensions with packaging570x450x270 mm
Net weight10 kg
Gross weight20 kg