FINEXEL | Touch Light | 2 years warranty
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FINEXEL Ultra-Pulse CO2 Laser System

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Finexel mono is a more advanced ultra-pulse CO2 laser system based on quality ultra-pulse technology. It has high peak power and uniform beam quality with new controlling system. They deliver good effects for removing mole, wart, age spot and even for various surgical use.


– Age Spot, Syringoma, and Freckle Removal
– Acute Acne Treatments
– Acne Scar Improvment


– Mole, Wart, and Corn Removal

– Hemostasis, Coagulation, Evaporation
– Incision / Excision
– Soft Tissue Treatments (for Dental Use)
– Various Surgical Use (with Each Handpiece)


-Tightening and rejuvenation of the vaginal walls
-Treatment of stress urinary incontinence syndrome
-Treatment of pelvic floor prolapse
-Lightening of the labia


Only 3 Seconds to Use the Laser with Sophisticated User Interface Design on 8 Inch Touch Screen

300W Peak Power for Less Thermal Damage and Faster Recovery based on Quality Ultra-Pulse Technology

More Focused Laser Delivery with0.25mm & 0.5mm Spot Size for Less Pain and Better Effect



  • Easy Control System
  • Higher Peak Power
  • Smaller Beam Size


– Wavelength: 10,600nm
– System: RF type Fractional CO2 Laser
– Mode:
FRX(Fractional) / CO2(surgical) / EVE(vaginal)
– Max. Power: 30W / 40W / 50W
– Pixel Energy: 5~300mJ
– Scan Area: 1×1~20x20mm
– Density: 0.1~2.0mm / Overlap: 1~10
– Laser Shape: Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Circle
– Beam Pattern:
Stnadrad, Alternate, Random, Scatter
– Electrical: 100~240V, 50/60Hz
– Demension: 350(W) x 400(L) x 1000(H) mm
– Weight: 40kg (Max. Weight: 50kg)