FINEXEL | Touch Light | 2 years warranty
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Fractional CO2 laser system with three attachments: fractional, surgical, vaginal


2 years warranty

Monthly maintenance

Free education

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Finexel is a fractional CO2 laser system with 3 different modes such as fractional, vaginal and CO2 surgical.

It delivers the finest beam shape to the skin for maximum effect and fast recovery. That is why the name of the product is Finexel.

Thanks to three modes, the Finexel device covers a huge range of services for your clinic:

  • FRX (Fractional)

Skin rejuvenation and renewal


Skin lightening (pigmentation reduction)

Fight acne and post-acne

Narrowing of enlarged pores

Elimination of fine wrinkles

Fight stretch marks, scars, scars

Light to deep laser peels


  • CO2 (surgical)

Removal of various skin neoplasms (moles, papillomas, beads, corns, etc.)

Tissue incision / excision


  • EVE (vaginal)

Tightening and rejuvenation of the vaginal walls

Treatment of stress urinary incontinence syndrome

Treatments for prolapse of the pelvic floor walls

Lighten the labia

Finexel has a high peak power of 300 W, based on ultrapulse technology, with a minimum beam size of 80 microns, which leads to less thermal damage to skin tissue. This allows the laser beam to penetrate much deeper, give the best effect and provide the fastest recovery.



  • 3 modes with different attachments (fractional, surgical, vaginal) Easy to operate
  • The ability to change the size up to 20mm and the shape of the spot, as well as the density of fractional exposure
  • High power up to 300 W and ultra-pulse technology
  • High pulse energy up to 300 mJ



Consumed electrical power1500 Wt
Is it permissible to use external current stabilizersno
Time of continuous work from switching on to break4 hours
Required break from work30 minutes
Mandatory room temperature rangeup to 40 degrees
Cooling typeAir
Governing bodies10,5 LCD screen Touch
Interval0-10 s
Рulse frequency33,3 гц
Рoint diameter0,01
Duration0,1 – 10 ms
Distance0,1~3,0 mm
Repeat1-5000 ms
Work modeContinuous pulse, single pulse, intermittent pulse
Scan forms
▲ , █ ,◼️ , ⚫
Wavelength10600 nm
Dimensions with packaging70sm*70sm*130sm
Net weight45 кг
Gross weight70 кг