TL Diode Vertical - Touch Light
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TL Diode Vertical


Diode laser for hair removal and skin rejuvenation.


Diode laser designed for quick and effective removal of unwanted hair, suitable for any skin type.

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Diode laser designed for quick and effective removal of unwanted hair, suitable for any skin type.

The 808 nm diode laser wavelength is most effective for removing various types of hair.

FHR (fast hair removal) mode – “in motion” mode, in motion, which allows to shorten the zone treatment time as much as possible and avoid skin overheating, which will make the procedure as comfortable and painless for the client as possible.

The high-quality contact cooling system with sapphire glass and the operating mode in motion will allow the clients to perform the procedure with all the photo types and on the tanned skin perfectly safe, without the risk of burns and hyperpigmentation.


FHR: motion mode for large areas

HR: for small areas

SR: For skin rejuvenation

The second and no less demanded function of using this model is skin rejuvenation. With it, you can quickly and painlessly return the person a toned look and eliminate age-related changes.



  • Diode element made in Germany
  • Control board and sapphire in the working handle made in the USA
  • Touch screen and cooling system manufactured in Japan
  • Easy to use interface
  • The set parameters for working in different zones for different skin types
  • Ability to work in motion in FHR mode
  • Unlimited number of pulses throughout the year (warranty service)
  • Resource – more than 10 million flashes


Laser Type808nm diode laser
Laser ModuleGermany Imported DILAS

Spot size

1200W No Channel 15*15mm
900WNo Channel 15*15mm
600WNo Channel 15*15mm
450WNo Channel 15*15mm

Laser Bars

No Channel8 bars, 150W/bar, 1200W
No Channel6 bars, 150W/bar, 900W
No Channel4 bars, 150W/bar, 600W
No Channel3 bars, 150W/bar, 450W
Pulse Repetition1~10HZ
Screen10.4-inch touch TFT Color
Pulse Width1~1000ms
Output Power2000W
Energy Density1~120 j/cm2
Cooling Level5 Levels adjustable