HIFU SMAS Lifting - Dusonic - SNJ
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HIFU SMAS Lifting – Dusonic – SNJ

HIFU SMAS Lifting – Dusonic – SNJ

High-quality and high-performance equipment is the key to success in any industry, but in cosmetology it is simply vital because its work is closely related to the health and beauty of the patient. Today, there are many methods of rejuvenation and solution of cosmetic problems, among which HIFU Smas Lifting is particularly notable – it’s skin tightening with the help of high-intensity ultrasound.

Advantages of SMAS-lifting HIFU

• In terms of its effectiveness, it is comparable to plastic surgery but does not require invasive intervention.
• This procedure requires a minimum of care after it.
• The cumulative effect after treatment with ultrasound SMAS-lifting reaches 6 months, during which the skin tightens and becomes smoother.
• This is a quick procedure that does not require preparatory activities. In just a couple of hours, an impressive result is achieved, which is visible immediately after the performance.
• The use of SMAS lifting is possible for different areas of the body, both women and men.
• It has a minimum of contraindications and is suitable for solving several cosmetic problems at once.

The impressive advantages of lifting HIFU make it very popular and in demand among patients of cosmetology clinics. And, in order to secure a steady influx of
customers and diversify your own list of services, you should buy beauty equipment that carries out a similar procedure of the ultrasonic face and body lifting.

HIFU SMAS Dusonic Devices: Why Are They Considered The Best?

The very idea of ​​a HIFU SMAS lifting originated in South Korea, so it is not surprising that the Korean manufacturers themselves have become the legislators of
the quality level for ultrasound cosmetic equipment. And among the Korean devices for massage and lifting, it was Dusonic who became
a model of advanced technology.

There are several reasons for this:

• This equipment implements a revolutionary BIFU technology – bi-ultrasound treatment during one procedure.
• For the procedure, the device uses two different handpieces (the main one – with 4.5 / 3 mm multi-pulses for a facelift, a special one – with a 4.5 / 3 mm single impulse for the relief zones and small areas).
• Compact design and low weight of the device allows you to install it even in tightspaces.
The device for SMAS lifting ultrasonic Dusonic is effective in several directions at once:
• It perfectly tightens the skin and makes it more elastic;
• It smoothes wrinkles;
• It performs a brow lift;
• It stimulates the start of the process of collagen production and rejuvenation;
• It improves skin elasticity.
All this in one machine! At the same time, you can buy cosmetology devices Dusonic in Ukraine on very favourable terms.

HIFU SMAS Equipment From Korea From Touchlight Company

To order an original Dusonic device with all quality certificates, contact the Touchlight company. We supply the best Korean equipment for cosmetology straight
from the manufacturer. With us you can buy equipment for massage and lifting at the best prices, besides we provide a guarantee for all types of devices.We work across all Ukraine: it is possible to buy devices in Kyiv, Kharkov, Dnieper and other cities. The prices for Dusonic in our company are very affordable. In addition, such an investment quickly pays off due to the influx of customers: the high efficiency and ease of working with the Dusonic HIFU system will allow you to increase the number of patients, and hence your profit. With us, you will provide your salon with the best equipment and will be able to conduct a wide range of ultrasound lifting procedures for your patients.