Devices for face and body - part II
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Devices for face and body – part II

Devices for face and body – part II

Previously we talked about the most common procedures for face & body beauty, so that’s the next part of our conversation.

Cosmetology devices have tightly entered the life of modern clinics and beauty salons. And the thing is that more people refuse surgeries, giving their preference to a more gentle way of rejuvenating and removing various defects on the body and face with the help of innovative equipment Touch Light is producing. In the first part of the material, we have already considered with your services that could be introduced in your own clinic or salon: photo epilation and photo rejuvenation with an IPL laser, cry lipolysis and intimate rejuvenation. Today we will consider two more important services that you can provide with our equipment, and will definitely increase the attendance of your parlour: laser carbon peeling and laser tattoo and tattoo removal.


Laser carbon peeling is one of the most effective procedures for facial rejuvenation. Using the neodymium-type laser and carbon gel, you can achieve incredible results: pigmentation is removed, age and facial wrinkles are eliminated, pores are narrowed and fat metabolism is regulated – this is only a small part of the advantages that Q-Switch carbon peeling machine can guarantee. It is designed not only for rejuvenation but also for tattoo making and removal procedures, so you can provide several services at once on our device.

Q-Switch laser simply must be in every beauty salon and clinic, because due to the theory of light-induced destruction, a laser with a fractional modulator penetrates deep into the epidermis in milliseconds. It causes the pigment grains to crush, after which they are eliminated from the body in a natural way, and the device also promotes active cell regeneration. It is important that when Q-Switched ND YAG works, healthy good cells are not affected. Depending on the tasks, the equipment can operate at a wavelength of 532 to 1064 nm.

Indications for:

The appearance of mimic wrinkles.

The problematic and oily skin.

The appearance of pigmentation.

Pore expansion.

Loss of skin elasticity.

On average, the procedure takes 20-30 minutes, and the result is visible after the first session. The skin becomes elastic and taut, and specks and small wrinkles disappear. To achieve maximum results, you need up to 5 sessions. We are ready to provide the most modern and efficient equipment designed for carbon peeling.


Increasingly, clinics and beauty salons are turning to those who wish to remove annoying tattoos or simply disliked drawings from their skin. Previously, rather rough methods were used for removal, after which scars appeared. Now the Q-Switch tattoo removal laser allows you to remove the annoying pattern as quickly as possible and without pain. Pulses of light, passing the upper layers of the skin, destroy the pigment. Due to the presence of special attachments, it is possible to influence exclusively the coloring pigment. After crushing the pigment, it is excreted naturally.

The service is relevant for everyone who has made an unsuccessful tattoo on any part of the body, including on delicate parts of the body. But it’s not enough just to buy a neodymium laser, you need to figure out which laser is capable of removing a certain pigment. By contacting Touch Light, you guarantee interior training and ongoing maintenance. Having selected the removal program, you can remove the tattoo or tattoo as safely, quickly and efficiently.

Advantages of laser tattoo removal:

You can choose your own effective removal program.

After the removal procedure, no scars remain.

The pigment from the skin is completely removed, without a trace.

All pigment substances are excreted naturally.

You can remove the tattoo absolutely from any place on the body.

Collaborating with us you have the opportunity to buy a laser for tattoo and tattoo removal, choosing from a wide range. We are not just a retailer or a dealer, but a manufacturer, therefore prices are 10-20% lower than in most retail offline stores. For regular customers, there is a flexible system of discounts. Each equipment has international certificates confirming safety and efficiency. If you want to buy a neodymium laser tattoo remover, just call us or leave a request on the website. The manager will help you choose the perfect option, taking into account your goals and preferences.