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Devices for face and body – part I

Devices for face and body – part I

Scientists and engineers from all over the world are working to create cosmetology devices to maintain female beauty and youth. Contributing to the fact that today there is a diversity of techniques designed to rejuvenate the skin, removing age-related changes, the vascular grid, age spots, etc. At this time, the Touch Light company offers modern cosmetology devices designed for the body, face and its hairy parts which can significantly increase the attendance of beauty salons and clinics. Consider the procedure list that you can implement in your beauty salon or clinic using our cosmetology machines.


Laser IPL technology of photo rejuvenation is designed to eliminate pigment spots on the body and face. IPL photo rejuvenation is the use of intense light sources, destroying pigmentation cells. After using the system, the complexion becomes healthier, improves the elasticity of the skin allowing to overcome the different age-related changes that occur in wrinkles and sagging. Suitable for the treatment of dry skin, rosacea and a number of other diseases.

Our company’s offer is the best photo rejuvenation machines that allow you to adjust the exposure parameters. The technique is suitable for all skin types and can be performed for men and women from 18 y.o. both. Perhaps not only rejuvenation of the skin, but also hair removal in unwanted areas.

Indications for photo epilation and IPL photo rejuvenation:

Age-related skin changes.

Dry skin, rosacea.

Presence of hair in unwanted areas.

Pigment spots on the skin.

Advantages of photo epilation and IPL photo rejuvenation:

There is no rehabilitation period.

No pain.

Suitable for different skin types.

Photo epilation unit ensures quick effect.

Minimum contraindications.

Access operation at any age – from 18 y.o.

The system of hair removal and IPL rejuvenation is suitable for any area.

Long-term effect.

The procedure is perfectly combined with other technologies.

The Touch Light company is ready to provide an apparatus for photo-epilation and photo-rejuvenation, which contains exclusively innovative solutions that will guarantee high efficiency of the operations performed. If you still have doubts, you can see IPL epilation reviews on our website.

The Cryolipolysis

The cryolipolysis on an innovative device from the Touch Light company allows you to locally remove fat deposits from the thighs, abdomen and other areas of the body using cold technology. The procedure does not require surgical intervention, which makes it absolutely relevant for every person. During the operation, the cryolipolysis apparatus acts on a specific zone using various nozzles. As a result of such exposure, the fat cells begin to break down, the same time the cells nearby are not affected. The technology showed high efficiency during the destruction of local deposits in those places where it is quite difficult to remove them by traditional methods.

Cosmetic equipment for cryolipolysis is used not only to remove fat but also for:

The acceleration of metabolic processes in the body;

The removal of toxic products and slags;

The skin smoothing of the face and cellulite.

Benefits of using cryolipolysis:

Fat cells are removed gradually, so no negative effects on the body.

Splitting into stages facilitates the simple elimination of toxic substances.

When fat cells are distributed at the site of exposure, there are no cavities.

Using equipment from the Touch Light company, you can reduce from 25 to 30% fat during the first procedure, and with repeated procedures to achieve results up to 50%. We offer our clients only innovative equipment that visitors of your beauty salon or clinic will surely like.


Intimate rejuvenation is a rather sensitive issue that becomes especially important for women after 30 years, when vaginal atrophy begins. This brings to the life of a woman not only physical inconveniences, but also psychological difficulties. Laser tightening of the vagina allows you to return to the intimate area of ​​the natural level of sensitivity. For rejuvenation of the genital organs, fractional laser polishing is used to promote active regeneration.

When do you need an intimate rejuvenation?

With discomfort during sex.

If itching occurs in the genital area.

With incontinence due to the weakness of muscles.

With dry mucous membranes.

With a sharp decrease in libido.

By reducing the vaginal muscle tone.

With age-related changes.

As practice shows, most often girls encounter these problems after a difficult childbirth, genital surgery, hormonal failure, or age-related changes. Laser CO2 grinding allows solving all these problems without surgery and hormone therapy, which makes it maximum safe and relevant for every girl.

We offer our customers an innovative CO2 laser that is specifically designed for the intimate zone – it has a unique emission spectrum and specially designed nozzles to ensure maximum efficiency. The laser beams are directed to the problem area, as a result of which the upper layers of the epidermis are eliminated. The process lasts 10-15 minutes. A total of 2-4 sessions every 1-1.5 months is enough.

The procedure performed by our equipment has no side effects, at this time improves the elasticity of the intimate area, eliminates signs of ageing, increases the level of lubricant release, discomfort disappears, sensitivity returns, various scars disappear, arbitrary urine release is eliminated. A woman can again feel all the joys of a full sex life.

If you want to provide these new services in your salon, you just need to buy beauty equipment from Touch Light. Our manager will help you find the best solution and will answer all your questions.