About Touch Light and our history
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About us

About us

Digital Med company is a leader in the production of medical and cosmetology equipment (Seoul, Korea), and also an exclusive distributor of SNJ medical, was set on fire to create its own line of equipment Touch Light was aimed at a segment of the Ukrainian market. Such equipment, which would combine high quality with an affordable price.

So we managed to bring our idea to life. Now our equipment Touch Light  is produced at one of the best factories in South Korea, where all the technological conditions are met. Digital Med’s engineers control the entire process – from creating a model to assembling and sending Touch Light machines. It comes, that dtal Med is the only company in Ukraine that provides a guarantee on all equipment for 2 years.

We have created excellent conditions for our customers: we provide free shipping worldwide, provide flexible payment terms, warranty and post-warranty service.

The purpose our company gains is long-term trusting relationships with customers and impeccable service. Throughout the warranty period, our engineers conduct monthly maintenance in all regions of Ukraine.

When you purchase Touch Light equipment, you will receive thorough training in working with devices, because our team has the best medical pros, laser technicians who improve their knowledge every day.

Despite the fact that the Touch Light appeared recently, we managed to win great success and confidence. With the help of our devices, salons and clinics throughout Ukraine satisfy the needs of their clients.

We are the Gold Partners of MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE HUB. The doctors of our company are members of the Association of Laser Medicine (ALM). After all, we are interested not only in the sales of our equipment but also in the development of laser medicine and dermatology.

Digital Med company collaborates with the Department of Dermatovenereology in holding competitions among students and interns and is engaged in scientific activities. After all, we believe that the future belongs to technology.

Kiev, Belorusskaya str., 36b, office № 201, Ukraine