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About us

Few words about us

Digital Med has excellent reputation all over the world in production of OEM/ODM equipment for beauty and health, as well as in creation of package solutions. Our competitive advantage is value for money factor of our machines. Digital Med machines have smart visual design and are equipped with additional functional modules.


Our company objective is transparent and long-term relationships with our customers, as well as prime services. Flexible management structure gives us the possibility to find customized solutions that makes cooperation with us more effective and productive than with other suppliers.


Service maintenance includes one-on-one training of distributors and operators in Digital Med and repair works, when they are required.


Machines that we sell and maintain are divided into five main categories:


  • RF-based cutaneous rejuvenation and deep rhytidectomy devices
  • Hair removal lasers
  • Laser-based devices for hair loss therapy
  • Pulsed light devices for cutaneous rejuvenation
  • Skin pigmentation removal lasers


Despiterapid growth,Digital Medcarefully selects new members of its team and then invests in them, as our employees are the most precious resource. We approach selection of external partners and suppliers with special attention. The philosophy of continuous development and improvement is applied to all employees of our company.


For us, actions mean more than words, therefore, we miss no opportunities to demonstrate our best abilities in the course of operation. Such company policy is one of attributes of confidence, sincerity and quality.

Kiev, Belorusskaya str., 36b, office № 201, Ukraine

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