Touch Light | What do Ukrainians most often Choose?
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What do Ukrainians most often Choose?

What do Ukrainians most often Choose?

TOP Cosmetology Procedures in Ukraine: what Do Ukrainians most often Choose?

Even 30 years ago, all self-care among Ukrainian women most often came down to dyeing hair and eyebrows, as well as a haircut. Manicure and pedicure salons were just starting their work, and nobody knew at all what hardware cosmetology was.

But times are changing, and today the Ukrainian beauty industry is actively developing, and procedures for restoring and improving the quality of the skin and removing aesthetic imperfections take a significant share in this area.

Let’s look at which procedures in Ukraine are in special demand.

Manicure – the Most Requested Procedure

And this is not surprising, because in addition to a hygienic manicure, nail design, which allows you to experiment with appearance and style, is in a special turn today. Also, a manicure is a regular procedure, you can’t do it a year in advance. And if you often need to change the image, you have to visit the master almost every few days.

Laser Hair Removal – the Second Most Popular

A procedure that is only gaining its influence in the beauty field. She gradually regains her position in waxing and hair removal with sugar mass. Why is it so in demand? The secret is simple: the efficiency even after the first procedure for laser hair removal is maximum. Also, the laser is a safe and painless tool. With it, patients can get smooth skin quickly and without pain (which cannot be said about the mechanical types of hair removal with wax or sugar formulations). After such procedures, you do not need to recover, because the laser beam does not leave any irritation or damage. But to cure such a defect as ingrown hair, the device is quite capable.

Many do not dare to laser hair removal, believing that this is an expensive procedure. But in reality, this is not at all the case: with the advent of high-quality and inexpensive laser equipment, the cost of the service is gradually decreasing. Besides, it does not need to be done on an ongoing basis: calculate how often you have to visit the sugaring office, and how much it costs, and compare with the cost of completely removing the hairline with a laser. The results will be exactly in favour of hardware technology.

Massage – the Path to Health and Beauty

Massage has long been considered one of the best beauty treatments. It comes in many forms, from classic manual to ultrasonic or vacuum, which is produced using special cosmetology equipment.

Some types of massage have a purely aesthetic function – they even out the skin and cellulite tubercles, promote good lymphatic drainage, due to which the restoration of dermal cells is activated. There are more serious techniques that not only affect the skin but also burn fat, break down cellulite cells and enhance metabolism. These include vacuum massage. By the way, it is often used in parallel with RF lifting, a hardware skin tightening using radio frequencies. In combination, they can not only improve the condition of the skin, reduce the fat layer and increase blood circulation, but also dissolve scars and scars.

Laser Rejuvenation – a Quick and Effective Option

Modern Ukrainians increasingly prefer hardware cosmetology rather than radical aesthetic surgery. And in fact, why go to bed under the surgeon’s knife if the same rejuvenation effect can be obtained from non-traumatic and safe laser lifting. It is produced using high-precision laser equipment (diode laser, carbon dioxide laser, sapphire and ruby ​​lasers) – the most accurate and controlled technology that protects beauty. With its help, SMAS lifting and skin peeling procedures are performed, skin defects are removed and skin revitalization is performed – a procedure in which the skin begins to produce its collagen and acquires its former elasticity and freshness.

All rejuvenation procedures have minimal injuries, they require a minimum recovery period. But there are also contraindications, which should be considered before registering for a rejuvenation to a cosmetologist.

In general, today cosmetology is increasingly moving into high-tech procedures that are safe for customers, take a little time and show high efficiency.