Touch Light | Opening The Hardware Cosmetology Salon
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Opening The Hardware Cosmetology Salon

Opening The Hardware Cosmetology Salon

Cosmetic day-to-day cosmetology demonstrates its efficiency and comes to the forefront of the beauty industry. Due to high-quality equipment that has minimal contraindications and simple operation, it becomes very simple to return skin beauty and youth.
If you want to equip your beauty parlour with such devices, it is worth considering which ones to start with. The Touchlight company has prepared for you a small overview of the devices to start working in the cosmetology office with.

Three-Wave Diode Laser

A three-wave diode laser (otherwise it is also called an alexandrite laser) is the optimal apparatus for carrying out the hair removal procedure. It has high penetrating power and at the same time, it acts pointwise on each target cell.
The triple wavelength of the laser (755 nm, 810 nm and 1064 nm) allows you to influence effectively the three components of the hair – the follicle, the follicular papilla and the thickened portion of the walls.

Advantages of a three-wave diode laser:
• It removes hair quickly and painlessly.
• Suitable for hair removal at different depths.
• Removes hair of any thickness.
• Can be used for epilating skin of any colour type.

IPL System

IPL is an abbreviation used for the technology of exposure of the skin to an intense light pulse. This technology affects the skin and hair cells containing melanin – a substance that absorbs light pulses. At the same time, thermal energy is released, which destroys the cells of the epidermis with a high content of melanin and hair follicles.

Unlike the laser effect on the skin, IPL does not have a fixed wavelength of light – the pulsing tip operates in a wide range of waves from 500 to 1200 nm. The use of various nozzles with light filters that determine the wavelength makes this device multifunctional.

You can use an IPL system for such procedures:
• Removal of unwanted body hair by photo epilation.
• Treatment of skin changes (rosacea, hyperpigmentation, freckles).
• Photorejuvenation of the skin and stimulation of collagen production.
• Removal of vascular lesions.
• Tattoo removal.
The simplicity of work and the ability to process large areas of skin quickly make the IPL system convenient and inexpensive equipment for a beauty salon.


If you have already acquired devices for hair removal and complex skin rejuvenation, you can expand the range of services of your parlour with the help of the LPG device. This device performs a highly efficient roller-vacuum massage, which allows you to solve several problems at once:
• Provide lymphatic drainage of the skin.
• Stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the tissues.
• Smooth skin and remove cellulite.
• Model the shape, affecting the problem areas.
• To tighten the skin with the loss of its elasticity and sagging.

The device captures the folds of the skin and acts on them with the help of vacuum and smoothing with rollers. The procedure for LPG is very simple, takes place in a short time and does not cause pain.
High-quality equipment for the beauty salon will allow you to expand your list of services for customers, provide high-quality service and create a good professional reputation for yourself.