Touch Light | Laser hair removal or Shugaring and Wax?
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Laser hair removal or Shugaring and Wax?

Laser hair removal or Shugaring and Wax?

The beauty industry is always in demand. The desire of a person to improve his body is unlimited, and the services of the beauty industry help him in this. What tricks women and men do not perform to get rid of unwanted hair, from a common razor and waxing or sugar mass to high-tech laser removal.

By the way, did you know that according to statistics, laser hair removal in Ukraine is one of the most popular procedures? By the frequency of searches in Internet search engines, it is second only to manicure!

Why Do Many Cosmetologists Fear Starting Work with Laser Hair Removal: Debunking Myths

Despite the obvious convenience and effectiveness, many cosmetologists prefer not laser hair removal but sugaring and waxing. And there are several reasons for this:

  • It is believed that the number of clients per month for temporary hair removal will be greater.
  • Many people think that the initial purchase of laser hair removal equipment is too expensive.
  • Laser hair removal needs to be learned because you have to deal with complex equipment.
  • The price of the service will be high, it’s easier to make money on the number of customers who will have to do regular sharing.

Debunking each of these myths.

  1.  A number of clients: yes, due to the fact that sugaring and waxing need to be done regularly, your clients will come back to you again and again. But if you are engaged in laser hair removal, in a more gentle and effective way, the outflow of clients does not threaten you: the dynamics of the popularity of this method is growing, it is becoming more accessible, and soon it threatens to simply squeeze out other techniques from the Ukrainian market. So why not catch the wave and provide this particular service if it is gaining popularity?
  2.  The purchase of equipment is indeed the cornerstone because this investment must be made before starting your business. But even here the issue can be easily solved with the help of a partnership program with manufacturers of laser devices. For example, you can conclude an agreement with the Touch Light manufacturer and get a laser device for only 30% of the cost with the possibility of redemption within two years. That is, you do not have to spend immediately a large amount of money, while the payback for laser hair removal is very high.
  3. Here is a simple example: if the cost of laser hair removal services is on average 700 UAH, and the technical ability of laser manipulation involves serving 10,000 people, then you can earn 700×10000 = 7 million UAH on laser hair removal. At the same time, the cost of the device is ten times less than this amount.
  4. By the way, do not forget that for sugar or wax hair removal, you will need to constantly buy supplies, and this is not only the wax itself or sugar mass but also sedatives, anaesthetics. Calculate the expense for all of the same 10,000 people – what is the sum? For comparison, laser hair removal does not require consumables at all – all you need is your manipulator.
  5.  Training is an important part of the profession of a cosmetologist. And in the case of laser hair removal, everything is not so scary. For example, in the same partnership program with Touch Light except for the equipment itself also provides you with training. In addition, modern laser devices are very simple and easy to use.
  6.  Pricing is not a problem at all. Yes, the cost of a laser hair removal service is higher than for a banal wax hair removal procedure. But its quality is higher. And such procedures will be required less because gradually the laser will destroy more and more hair follicles, while wax or sugar only removes the outer part of the hair. You yourself set the price for your services, and it is in your power to set them at the level that will be guaranteed to bring you income.

What Are the Merits for Customers?

Customer focus is an important quality in the service sector, and the beauty industry is no exception. In this, laser hair removal is the most customer-oriented service. Why?

  • It is practically painless, unlike wax and sugar.
  • There are no allergic reactions or irritations to the laser.
  • Minimal injuries are another advantage because the laser does not provoke damage to the dermis, ingrown hair or haemorrhage.
  • Moreover, the ingrown hairs after sugaring or waxing are removed precisely with a laser.
  • The effectiveness of laser hair removal is many times higher than that of other types of hair removal.


What Are Merits from The Point of View of the Master?

For you, as a specialist, the advantages are also obvious:

  • No need to constantly buy supplies, spend money on cleaning the cabinet from traces of wax or paste.
  • Hygiene: laser hair removal is the most hygienic method of hair removal.
  • Minimum necessary: ​​you only need equipment and an office for the procedure.
  • High payback: you can earn on laser hair removal much more, while the time of the procedure is the same as with sugaring.
  • Do not dwell on obsolete body care methods! Conquer your customers with a new and effective service – laser hair removal.