Touch Light | How to Attract Clients to Your Parlour?
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How to Attract Clients to Your Parlour?

How to Attract Clients to Your Parlour?

Opening a beauty parlour or salon is a profitable business. But to successfully launch it, you need to think about where to get customers. Especially the first few months of work for each cosmetologist turn into a real competition: you need to convey to the audience both the very fact of the opening of your salon and its dignity. And you need to do this quickly because paying rent, buying supplies and paying salaries to your staff (even if all the staff are you) will not wait.

«Touch Light» offers you some practical tips on how to attract and retain customers in a beauty salon.

Placing Ads Correctly

The main way to make yourself known is by advertising your services. It’s worth putting an advertising budget into the business plan. The best ways to advertise your salon are:

  • Order a bright and original sign. It doesn’t need to be huge, but it must be non-standard – this is how the customers’ eyes “catch on” to it.
  • Make small but effective outdoor ads nearby. For many, the choice of a cosmetologist is related to the area of ​​residence or work, and if potential customers see your advertising board with a salon address nearby, there is a good chance that they will come to you, and not to more distant competitors.
  • Visual printing products are working! Arrange with neighbouring cafes or boutiques and place your flyers on the shelves with the address and list of services that you provide.

But this, of course, is not all. Attracting customers with advertising alone is only part of the story. Next, you should consider what strengths of your work you can play on.

Highlighting Important Components of Service

To begin with, think about how you are better than your competitors? If there is no answer to this question, you will not see success. Focus on popular services that will be in regular demand. For example, laser cosmetology.

According to statistics, more and more women are choosing laser cosmetology. Besides, this will really allow you to provide highly effective services in the field of:

  • Hair removal.
  • Removal of cosmetic defects and tattoos.
  • Skin rejuvenation.

If you have already acquired the necessary equipment, the matter remains small: introduce your customers to your services and make them become your regular visitors. How to do it?

  1. Provide only those services in which you are a real pro. The high quality of the procedure is your best advertisement.

  2. Follow the rules of sanitation and hygiene to the maximum – this is at the disposal of customers, in addition, this is an obligatory rule in the delicate work of a cosmetologist.

  3. Complement your service with cute little things – offer customers coffee or tea, give samplers of cosmetics to restore skin for ordering procedures: there are many options for such gifts.

  4. Carry out promotions both for the holidays and for regular customers: the opportunity to get a discount for regular visits to the salon for many is an effective motivation to stay with only one specialist.

Such actions will form your positive image in the eyes of the client and win his loyalty. It remains the case for the small – for communication.

Principles of Communication to Preserve Clientele

Modern business is based not only and not so much on competition as on building the right communication with its customers. What does this mean in practice?

  • Use a resource like social networks. This is an occasion to declare oneself and to maintain communication with existing or new customers. Publish useful information about your work, share achievements, accompany publications with bright and beautiful photos. And, of course, communicate with customers. If you do not have time for this, it is worth thinking about hiring a specialist to maintain your pages, this approach will pay off in full.
  • Affiliate programs are a great option to attract customers. Find companies near the salon with which you can have the same target audience (for example, cosmetics stores, dental clinics, boutiques) and offer to join forces: you give customers discount coupons from your partner for visiting your salon, your partner gives coupons with a discount to use in your salon. Believe us, it works.
  • No one has yet cancelled word of mouth. Give your customers a discount for inviting their friends – and your clientele will grow by the principle of a snowball. And many of the newly attracted customers can become your regular visitors.

Remember that an integrated approach to attracting clients is an effective tool. Do not limit yourself to just one of the above tips, use them to the maximum. But the most important thing on which your success is based is, of course, the quality of cosmetology services and the use of modern equipment. And it is from this that it is worth starting your business.