Touch Light | Fall-Winter Trends in Hardware Cosmetology
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Fall-Winter Trends in Hardware Cosmetology

Fall-Winter Trends in Hardware Cosmetology

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Trends in autumn – winter hardware cosmetology 2019. On all devices: 2 years warranty, monthly service. +380935554040
Diode lasers, IPLCosmetic procedures are prone to seasonality: who will be surprised by the need to go to the
sun parlour in winter, and to epilate before vacation in summer? There are also trends in hardware cosmetology. In particular, for fall and winter, such trendy procedures are:


IPL photo procedures.

What is it and how to carry them out? Let’s take a closer look.

Epilation: How To Make It As Effective As Possible?

Laser hair removal is a procedure in which not only the hair is removed, but its follicle is also destroyed. This process occurs due to heating: the light energy of the laser, when absorbed by the melanin of the skin, goes into heat and destroys the bulb.

In order for the exposure to light waves to be both effective and painless, cosmetologists use special devices for laser hair removal, equipped with several types of lasers.

Diode laser – the technology of the latest generations, which has already been recognized worldwide as the “gold standard” of hair removal. The efficiency of hair removal with such a laser is statistically 97%. The wavelength of the diode laser is 800-810 nm, and the pulse duration is from 5 to 40 ns. Diode laser-based hair removal machines use a special sapphire lens to cool skin areas. Diode lasers are also can be used to remove vascular disorders.

Neodymium laser (ND:YAG)– also used for effective hair removal, in particular, it is used on dark skin, for which a diode laser is not suitable.

Alexandrite laser – a secondgeneration technology. It is suitable for removing body hair and is used with air or cryogen cooling. Its advantage is the versatility of use is that such a laser not only performs hair removal but is also used to remove age spots, freckles, spider veins and neoplasms on the skin.

Touch Light offers you to buy a laser hair removal machine based on a diode laser – the most effective among other laser technologies. Our devices are characterized by calibration accuracy, the ability to select parameters for your client, ease of use and a high degree of reliability.

IPL Procedure: Impulse Therapy Hair Removal

Unlike a laser, IPL technology basically uses not laser beams, but high-intense light pulses. Impulses act on the hair follicle similarly to laser radiation and destroy it. Although the name IPL laser is often found.

But the main advantage of this technology is its high performance in facial photorejuvenation. Pulse therapy acts on the deeper layers of the skin, heating them, and activating the production of natural collagen and elastin. Due to this effect, the skin tightens, becomes healthy and supple. Photorejuvenation is a safe and effective procedure that becomes an alternative to invasive methods in cosmetology.

Additionally, using this technology, it is possible to influence excessive pigmentation and treat using IPL, for example, diseases such as rosacea or telangiectasia.

In the Touch Light assortment, you will find highly efficient modern devices for IPL procedures. We offer you to purchase the best solutions in the market of equipment for hardware cosmetology and get training from us to work with it and deliver it as a gift in Ukraine.