Touch Light | Micro-Needle RF: How Does It Work?
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Micro-Needle RF: How Does It Work?

Micro-Needle RF: How Does It Work?

Many visitors to cosmetic parlours are familiar with laser resurfacing: this procedure is rightly considered effective for several skin problems, from ageing and wrinkles to removing scars. But it also has its drawbacks: a long rehabilitation period, the inability to get out immediately after the procedure, the likelihood of irritation when exposed to direct sunlight – all this has to be experienced to enjoy a long-term result and restored youth.

Touch Light offers you a revolutionary alternative to classic laser resurfacing – fractional RF lifting.

What Is Fractional RF Lifting

This is an innovative method of exposure to the skin using a special device that pierces the surface of the dermis with microneedles and then stimulates it through punctures with the help of RF pulses.

By its method of exposure, fractional RF lifting combines:

SRF – non-invasive RF thermage;

Fractional microneedle RF lifting.

This combination allows you to deal with many of skin problems and diseases.

Ptosis of the skin of the face, sagging cheeks, drooping eyelids;

The age-related withering of the skin;

Excessive perspiration;

Ageing of the skin of the eyelids and the skin around the eyes;

Stretch marks on the skin;

Wrinkled crow’s feet in the corners of the eyes.

When exposed to a special apparatus, several processes occur immediately. Firstly, micro-punctures stimulate blood circulation in the skin layers and cause an influx of oxygen from the blood.

Secondly, microneedles stimulate collagen production in skin tissues. And the impact of radio frequencies during the procedure is considered the best way to cause coagulation of the dermis. By the degree of impact, such a microneedle lifting is much softer than CO2 grinding, and the recovery period after the procedure is much shorter.

Grinding with microneedles is carried out with a special apparatus equipped with manipulators for skin exposure and cooling.

The microneedle manipulator is equipped with the thinnest needles that penetrate through the skin surface to a depth of 3 mm (depending on the area of ​​application, the puncture depth is from 0.5 to 3 mm).

The cooling manipulator simultaneously removes the inflammatory process and cools the skin by air cooling to -5 degrees.

Our company offers you to buy the latest model of the apparatus for fractional RF-lifting Micro-Needle RF. This device operates from an input voltage of 110-220 V, is equipped with a manipulator with a special LED with a wavelength of 650 nm and radiation of 5 mW. Two maniples with tips for cooling and exposure to needles are included with the base unit.

The compact size and low price of the device will allow you to expand the range of capabilities of your beauty parlour without extra expenses. In addition, Touch Light offers you a gift when buying training for you and your specialists to work with the device, delivery to any region of Ukraine, as well as a two-year warranty on the equipment.

With us you can give your customers beauty and skin health in a new way with the shortest recovery period at maximum efficiency.