Touch Light | Courses of cosmetology equipment Touch light
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Courses of cosmetology equipment Touch light

Courses of cosmetology equipment Touch light

Training in Working With Modern Laser Cosmetology Devices from Touch Light

If you are engaged in cosmetology or work in the field of dermatovenerology or aesthetic medicine you know for sure that a considerable share of success depends on the proper operation of equipment for hardware cosmetology. Just buying a modern laser is only the first step. Next, you need to learn how to work with it correctly, because in the hands of an amateur the laser equipment can become both a panacea and a source of additional problems.

Touch Light company supplies high-quality and effective devices for cosmetic and medical procedures from South Korea and knows how important it is to handle each type of laser properly. In particular, to know exactly what procedures it is suitable for, and how to conduct each of these procedures.

Therefore, for our clients, we offer not only the best equipment for cosmetology rooms and clinics but also a training program for working with it.

Learning With Touch Light Is Convenient!

What do we offer each customer of our laser devices?

Free training in the basics and techniques of working with equipment.

Free delivery of your orders in Ukraine.

Service of our devices.

Warranty for 2 years.

Let’s dwell on tutorials from Touch Light.

Our training programs are intended for cosmetologists, medical practitioners in the field of aesthetic medicine, dermatologists, dermato-oncologists and dermatovenerologists. The information that you receive as part of the course will be useful both experienced professionals and novice cosmetologists.

The training course is both a quick and effective way to get the necessary knowledge and skills. It is held for two days, with the first day devoted to the analysis of basic theoretical knowledge, and the second to the development of practical skills in working with the apparatus and the study of particular clinical cases of their use.

The practitioner is a dermatovenerologist who has extensive experience working with our equipment and is happy to share with his students all the intricacies of using lasers in a simple and accessible way.

The format of express training is very convenient for those who want to start working with Touch Light equipment and make money using modern cosmetology procedures.

You do not have to spend time completing long courses. To learn the techniques of working with Touch Light devices, only two days are enough.

In addition to practice, you will receive a large amount of theoretical information regarding both the device itself and the clinical cases in which it will be useful.

Training is conducted for you personally, and you can ask all your questions to your coach.

For those who buy equipment in Touch Light training for free!

Hardware solutions for cosmetology and training from Touch Light are your opportunity to become a sought-after specialist in the field of hardware cosmetology, learn new skills and expand your range of services. Give your clients beauty and skin health with the help of high-quality laser devices from Touch Light and attract new visitors to your salon or clinic with their effective procedures and their skilful implementation.