Touch Light | CO2 Laser & CO2 Grinding – What Is It?
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CO2 Laser & CO2 Grinding – What Is It?

CO2 Laser & CO2 Grinding – What Is It?

CO2 Grinding – What Is It?

What is actually a skin resurfacing is known to many. But what is CO2 grinding? We will analyze this method of rejuvenation in more detail.

In common, CO2 polishing is meant laser polishing of the face. This is a deep penetration procedure using laser beams, which is aimed at updating and smoothing the skin.

A carbon dioxide laser is not a new invention. The first CO2 laser was invented back in 1964. Based on infrared light, this type of laser is currently considered one of the most powerful.

The length of the carbon dioxide laser reaches 9.4-10.6 microns. This allows you to reach the deep layers of the skin and act on them during the procedures with its use.

What problems solve laser fractional grinding

By polishing with a carbon dioxide fractional laser, the following cosmetic problems can be solved:

  • Remove deep and fine wrinkles;
  • Eliminate acne scars;
  • Remove age spots;
  • Remove fine wrinkles around the eyes;
  • Strengthen skin tone;
  • Remove collagen stretch marks on the skin of the chest, abdomen, hips;
  • Get rid of scars;
  • Lift the eyelid line;
  • Align complexion.
  • Depending on the degree of cosmetology problems, the effect of laser resurfacing can be superficial, medium and deep: it is determined by the settings of the apparatus for conducting CO2 resurfacing before the procedure.

It is best to carry out such polishing in the off-season due to the need for a rehabilitation period without exposure to sunlight. In summer, this procedure is not recommended.

Also, do not forget that after laser resurfacing, your clients will need time to restore the skin, which should be warned in advance. But the effect of CO2 polishing reaches six months – all this time the skin produces its own collagen after laser stimulation. Then the effect can be maintained for several years (approximately 3-4 years).

Where To Buy A High-Quality Laser for CO2 Grinding?

Touch Light presents its laser resurfacing machines to you. Our equipment includes the latest generation of carbon dioxide lasers, which not only provide a high level of efficiency when used for skin resurfacing but also have a large margin of safety, are very convenient to use, and the price of a fractional laser from Touch Light is available not only to large clinics, but also private cosmetologists.

We offer high-quality laser devices for cosmetology rooms and aesthetic medicine clinics under the most convenient conditions:

  • The best prices in Ukraine;
  • Delivery to any locality – free of charge;
  • Carbon dioxide fractional laser training is included;
  • Warranty for devices – 2 years;
  • Service of all our devices.

Bring beauty and health to your customers by laser resurfacing with Touch Light carbon dioxide laser.