Touch Light | Apprentice Cosmetology Equipment
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Apprentice Cosmetology Equipment

Apprentice Cosmetology Equipment

That’s no secret that cosmetic devices are an indispensable element of a beauty salon. And it is absolutely not important, if you are just a newcomer in the field of cosmetology, or you have your own clinic with a good reputation. In any case, you need to buy laser devices. If you have such equipment in your cosmetology office, you guarantee a significant increase in the customer base.

The equipment from the Touch Light company is an up-to-time one, that allows solving many problems related to the face and body of the client with maximum efficiency. Its distinctive feature is a quick payback, which is especially important for novice cosmetologists. Buying modern equipment for cosmetology, you get a high-performance device with a minimum level of intervention.

The client will immediately see the result of the apparatus, and this will help in the creation of a positive reputation of your salon or clinic. But the choice of equipment from such a wide range is sometimes a difficult deal even for a professional beautician, so let’s consider which devices for beginners will be the most effective and profitable.

Cosmetic equipment for beginners from the company Touch Light.


Laser hair removal machine. Used to remove unwanted hair in various parts of the body. Depending on the type of treatment, methods of hair removal, wavelength, the laser divides into ELOS hair removal, OPT, SHR. The ideal solution for novice cosmetologists will be the model TL DIODE PORTABLE


Apparatus for skin rejuvenation. Such equipment will be a great addition to your cosmetology office since allows you to solve many cosmetic problems, acne, stretch marks, scars, tightening, removal of various growths on the skin among the list. In this case, the apparatus for vacuum cleaning of the face performs all the procedures without pain. A great option would be the model MULTI LIGHT.


Laser for tattoo and tattoo removal. Such equipment will be able to remove permanent makeup and tattoo in just a few sessions. Some lasers make it possible to work exclusively with black pigments, and others with color, but we offer for our customers a multifunctional one ND: YAG TL, which can remove color and monochromatic tattoos. Leaves no scars and a minimum of discomfort.

Cosmetology Devices from The Manufacturer Touch Light – The Best Solution

If you want to buy a device for removing pigment spots, rejuvenation, hair removal, tattoo removal or other cosmetic purposes, then you have come to the right place. We are a direct manufacturer, not a dealer, so it is here that you can purchase modern equipment at prices 10-20% lower than in a retail store. At the same time, we offer to buy equipment in instalments, which will be especially important for beginning cosmetologists.

Every equipment item you can find in the catalogue was created using high-quality component parts from Germany and Japan, and the assembly was carried out in Korea – all this indicates a high-quality product. The efficiency, safety and reliability of equipment are confirmed by international certificates and the availability of a 2-year warranty for each unit of production. By choosing our equipment, you receive monthly equipment service and stuff training so you can use equipment with maximum efficiency, delighting customers right after you have bought it. If it will be difficult for you to choose the best solution yourself, just call us or leave a request onsite.