Touch Light | 5 Actual Questions For Cosmetologist
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5 Actual Questions For Cosmetologist

5 Actual Questions For Cosmetologist

Cosmetology is one of the most actively developing industries in the world, therefore it is enough for an ordinary consumer to keep track of all the new products. Naturally, the best novelty of the last years is hardware cosmetology, which made as facial rejuvenation possible so a number of other cosmetology procedures without surgical intervention. To understand all the cosmetology tips, Touch Light cosmetology company answers the 5 most frequently asked questions.


Can I lose weight with LPG or is it just another dummy advertisement?
Today, the LPG massage technique is one of the most sought-after procedures for body shaping and in the fight against cellulite. Though this method cannot be called self-sufficient, if you have to work with the running form of obesity. In this case, you need to include a set of physical activities in which LPG technology will play a crucial role. The technology can significantly improve the skin complexion, increasing its elasticity – in just 8 sessions the skin area will be reduced by 20%, which is indispensable with a significant reduction in weight. This technology contributes to lightness in the body, because removes puffiness during a session.


Should I do peeling before my travelling to warm countries?
Peeling is a seasonal procedure that should be performed during low sun activity. When the procedure is performed, you need to protect the skin seriously from ultraviolet exposure for at least 2 weeks, so doing this procedure before traveling to warm countries is not a good idea. To prepare the skin with the help of various other tools is a good one in fact.


They say that modern hardware cosmetology procedures provide an immediate effect – is this true?
Naturally, it is true, modern procedures allow you to see the immediate effect, which makes it like magic. For example, if the facelift will be carried out by means of RF-lifting technology, then after the first procedure you will see the result, which is sure to please. The technology directly affects the cause of age-related changes, which guarantees prevention, a noticeable change and a powerful rejuvenation. But it works only if the beautician has sufficient knowledge for operations and innovative cosmetology equipment.


How many procedures are needed to get rid of unwanted hair?
Some will say that 3 procedures are enough, the others contribute that 3 procedures were just a beginning for them. In fact, it depends on the skin and body specifics of the patient and on the equipment and its quality and master qualification. Touch Light’s devices are leaders in the field of laser medical equipment, because the manufacturer propose a diode laser that penetrates to a depth of 4 mm while the average production’s standard is 2 mm. This allows you to remove follicles that are located deep. With such equipment you can significantly reduce the duration of the course.


At what age it’s the best start using hardware cosmetology?
On average, the process of ageing skin and reducing the production of essential nutrients begins from 20 and up to 30 years the body begins to lack its own resources. Already in 25 years, the skin begins to react sharply to any external factors, which is not the best effect on the appearance of the skin. It is from this age that you can safely use skin rejuvenation products, such as RF-lifting or SMAS-lifting. And after 18 years you can use the services of laser hair removal, if there are no contraindications.
We have reviewed the 5 most frequently asked questions to cosmetologists, who were answered by leading experts in the field of hardware cosmetology from the Touch Light company. Our company offers beauty salons, clinics and parlours innovative solutions only bringing cosmetology in Ukraine to a brand new level. If you want to equip your office with modern equipment, simply call us or leave a request on site, and the manager will provide you a detailed consultation and will answer all the questions you have in your back pocket.